Assisting in the development of agriculture, Italbronze’s bronze parts, active over 58 years in the Brazilian market, can be found in equipment and machinery throughout Brazil. Among the main drivers of the national economy, agriculture represents 23 of the Brazilian GDP and is one of the most modern segments in the country with machines, equipment, technologies and innovations that not only enhance the production but also became a model throughout the world.

Italbronze offers solutions in bronze in agriculture involving the foundry and the complete machining of various parts. These parts bring in their DNA the recognized quality of the company,  which go through rigorous laboratory studies and are produced in an industrial plant complete with more than 45 thousand square meters in Guarulhos, in Sao Paulo.

In agriculture Italbronze’s parts are produced for usage in tractors, combined harvesters, farm implements and transhipments. These are machines and equipment widely used in the production chain and are responsible for standardizing, agility and minimizing the risks of the most varied activities, thus ensuring better quality products and goods to the final consumer.

Solutions for the safety and comfort of agriculture

The harvesters and the transhipments are vehicles which are used on farms, plantations and production sectors. While the former are responsible for harvesting the vegetables, grains and legumes planted, the transhipments are used for the removal of these products and for the transport of cargo to warehouses and storages.

The tractors are also vehicles, but they usually need an implement to perform agricultural functions. With this accessory it is possible to plow the earth, unpack the soil, remove plants-weeds, irrigating the crop, etc.

No matter the machine and equipment, the parts produced by Italbronze provide the quality, safety, durability and comfort so necessary for agricultural production without any fear.

The experts and staff of Italbronze are prepared to carry out inspections and physical and chemical analyzes in laboratories and production lines. After its production, these parts are subjected to rigorous mechanical, metallographic and chemical tests, in addition to the metrological control and special measurements.


The processes certified by the ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO TS 16949 ensure that Italbronze parts are used with confidence in more varied and different scales of production, satisfying any need and profile.


A record industry

The parts used in agriculture can be found in different markets around the world (such as the American, Canadian, Argentine, Chinese, Australian, French and Italian), facilitating and making safer agricultural production, including making records. In recent years, the Brazilian agribusiness has celebrated with never-before-seen grain harvests, with emphasis on the corn, green coffee and soybeans. The sector has overcome economic instability and has achieved growth each year.

Therefore, to invest in parts of well-known origin, made by who really knows the subject and who has already conquered the European, American and even Asian continents, is to invest in the future of agribusiness.

Italbronze was created to bring solutions that help the market to grow and develop as a whole and in an industry as dynamic as agriculture that could not be otherwise. Count on our parts and products to make your production reach even more positive results, bring you more profits and boosting with more strength the economy of your city, your state, and your country.

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