The automotive industry is one of the segments most in need of reliable, durable and resistant products. Italbronze, which has been operating for over 58 years in the Brazilian market,  began its business focused on meeting the needs of this segment and is still today offering bronze parts and components of the highest quality.

Italbronze’s products are solutions in casting and machining parts made to custom according to the needs of each manufacturer.

Italbronze parts and components are used, for example, in the manufacture of the following elements of the automotive industry:

  • Diesel engine;
  • Turbo diesel line;
  • Brake system;
  • Suspension;
  • Semi-trailer and trailer.

Advantages of bronze in the automotive industry

The automotive industry is a business that involves heavy machinery, high pressure and abrasion situations, risks and moreover a complex productive scenario. At the same time, it is an industry that needs to manufacture elements with minimal detail, finesse, and maximum precision.

Italbronze’s parts and components are made with alloys widely recognized for combining, with the best possible balance, toughness and malleability which are fundamental to the satisfaction of the automotive industry.  These products can be resistant to a variety of adversities and the most diverse impacts as well as being flexible to perform well in a variety of situations. In addition, these products are durable and do not use harmful materials to the environment, such as lead or silicon.

The bronze parts and components for the automotive segment are bushings, rings, bearings, shells, nuts, crowns, shoes, rulers, and segments, as well as any other product that the productive scale needs.

Italbronze’s team is prepared to receive the most varied requests and orders, performing and pre-testing to ensure the best and most satisfactory manufacturing component.

Better cost-benefit

Regardless of the part or component that has been chosen, Italbronze’s products offer the best cost-benefit in the market by using inputs and processes of the highest quality.

Italbronze is certified by various institutions and national and international organizations, such as the INMETRO, ISO, and the American ANAB. Respect for the environment, exemplary and efficient management processes and ongoing investments in the qualification of its employees results in very high standard products which are ideal for the automotive industry.

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