Bronze Bearing

Bronze bearing (or sliding bearing) is a hollow cylindrical component, such as a tube and it is normally bipartite splited, with one, two or even no flange and used for axis elongation.  They are parts subject to friction forces through rotation used in lightweight, heavy or super heavy machinery and equipment.

Italbronze’s bronze bearings are made to support radial axial or mixed loads, with low or high speed, depending on its application. They are used in hydroelectric turbines, mills, motors, cranes, presses, mining trucks, rolling mills and forging, among other machines, thanks to its quality and high durability.

Italbronze bronze bearings are parts that bring the best performance to the most varied requirements, featuring high durability and resistance to fatigue and against wear, even in the most delicate movements. That is because they are produced hight technology, using modern continuous casting or centrifugation processes, with finishing and precision machining by CNC state-of-the-art machines. The production process is recognized by ABNT and by national and international organizations, thus ensuring a highly reliable product.

Regardless of the machine and of the equipment used, Italbronze manufactures bronze bearings compatible to the project and according to the dimensions the client needs. There are various bronze alloys available for customer choice, each suited to a specific type of application. Among them, there are the leagues IBz-11, IBz20, IBz31, IBz34, IBz41, IBz53, IBz55, and IBz63.

Due to the use of raw materials of high standard in their production lines, Italbronze’s bearings are usually found and used in various branches of industrial activities, such as:

  •  Iron and Steel Industry
  • Automotive
  • Mining
  • Heavy machinery
  • Hydroelectric power generation

One of the major differentiators of Italbronze’s bronze bearings is that they are produced according to the customer’s needs and with millimetric precision to the measurements provided.

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