Bronze Bushings

The bronze bushings are basically a hollow cylindrical component, such as a pipe or a sliding bearing, which basically function as a spindle support. Antifriction material is very used in the metal mechanic industry for its sliding properties (low friction).

Italbronze’s bronze bushings are produced with the highest technology, modern equipment, and processes of continuous casting by centrifugation through finishing and precision machining on CNC machines. The production process is recognized by ABNT and by national and international organizations, ensuring a product highly reliable and appropriate to the needs of each country.

The technology and the processes adopted by Italbronze guarantee a uniform structure to the products, resulting in bronze bushings for high performance and durability.

Italbronze bronze bushings are qualified for use in machines and equipment that operate with sliding movements between moving surfaces based on the speed and load applied (stress on surfaces).

Due to the use of raw materials of high standard in their production lines, Italbronze’s bronze bushings are highly recommended for use in various applications, such as:

  • Brake and suspension systems for trucks;
  • Rotary crushers or JAWS;
  • Tractors and combines;
  • Kaplan turbines Bulb Turbines, Francis turbines and generators;

Bronze bushings are found in various industrial segments such as automotive, mining, agriculture and power generation, among others.

Italbronze bronze bushings are manufactured with dimensions and formats that the client demand and is available in various bronze alloys, as-11, IBz IBz-21, IBz-31, IBz-34, IBz-41, IBz-55, and IBz-63, to be chosen according to the needs of each project.

One of the major differentiators of Italbronze’s bronze bushings Italbronze is that they are produced according to the need of each equipment for which they are intended, with millimetric precision in measurements provided.

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