Bronze Rulers

The bronze ruler, plate or guide are flat products used as the support element of several machines. Placed in the equipment column, these parts have to ensure their integrity and maximum performance in linear and lateral movements.

Bronze rulers can be applied as guides in equipment such as presses, forging, rolling and sliding linear bases, being highly resistant against friction. In addition, they are durable parts that offer high cost-benefit to the client.

Italbronze’s bronze rulers are produced through a modern system of continuous casting of bronze, which ensures a uniform structure to the bronze and are machined on CNC state-of-the-art machines. They still go through research and testing before they are manufactured, thus ensuring productive processes recognized by national and international organizations, such as the INMETRO (Brazil) and ANAB (the United States).

Italbronze parts also stand out because they are customized according to the interests and needs of each client. Rulers and guides plates are manufactured with dimensions and formats that the client demand and is available in various bronze alloys, such as-41, IBz IBz-31, IBz-55, and IBz-63, to be chosen according to the needs of each project.


Due to the use of raw materials of high standard in their production lines, rulers, and guides plates Italbronze are highly recommended for use in various applications, such as:

  • Cranes and presses;
  • Brake and suspension systems for trucks;
  • Steel rolling mills;
  • Hydromechanical processes (hatch and wagon segment).

Rulers, plates and bronze guides are found in industrial areas such as forging, metal, automotive, steel and power generation, among others.

One of the major differentiators of Italbronze’s bronze rulers is that it is produced according to the customer’s needs, with millimetric precision in measurements provided.

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