Bronze Slippers

Bronze slippers are coupling parts (bearings) used in universal joints “adaptors or Spindles” of rolling mills, in the iron and steel industry. They are ideal equipment of rolling process.

Produced in high-resistance material which gives the material a greater homogeneity, Italbronze’s bronze slippers are recommended for use in equipment that makes power transmission between the motor and the large rolling mill, common in the iron and steel industry.

Italbronze’s bronze slippers are manufactured with the highest technology, merged by the centrifuge casting and with control of the alloy during the process.  This generates a “bushing” which requires no devices for the final machining process of parts, ensuring rigidity in its external profile and perfect geometry.

The precision machining and finishing of Italbronze’s bronze shoes are made in CNC state-of-the-art machines, which meet the standards ABNT and international standards according to each country.

The most widely used material for the production of slippers is the bronze, due to its unique properties which have advantages over other materials used for this purpose.

Italbronze’s bronze slippers differential is that they are manufactured according to the drawing and according to the needs of the equipment and the application for which they are intended. Another differentiator is the highly specialized technical staff, offering all necessary assistance to clients, and support for the better use of equipment parts.

Italbronze’s bronze slippers are typically made of the most commonly used alloys and available on the market, such as the leagues IBz-11 IBz-55 and IBz-63.

Due to the use of high-quality raw material in its production lines, Italbronze’s shoes are commonly found and used in the main rolling mills of the country’s major iron and steel industry and from abroad.

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