Bronze Split Bearings

Bronze split bearings are semi-bushings, also called hydrostatic bearings, with or without flange, which can be divided into two, three or even four parts. They aim to reduce the friction of every movement adding security, performance and high performance to the equipment.

Bronze split bearings act as a guide or a support for the equipment, increasing its durability and avoiding the wear throughout its usage.  It is a type of bearing perfect for usage in applications which undertake spinning, rotating or sliding movements of low speed but much compression.

Normally the bronze bushings are manufactured with dimensions and formats that the client demand and is available in various bronze alloys of the highest quality, as IBz-41, IBz-31, IBz-34, IBz-55, and IBz-63, to be chosen according to the needs of each project.

 Manufacture of Split Bearings

Italbronze receives the design and manufactures parts with the dimensions and the specific profile of the split bearings. It conducts tests and laboratory studies before and after it is manufactured. In its manufacturing facilities, machinery and equipment of the last generation and an efficient team make the final product suitable for any requirement, qualifying the production process of the most varied industries.

Bronze split bearings are produced in the Guarulhos plant situated in the metropolitan region of São Paulo. The highest technologies in modern equipment and centrifugal casting processes are applied, followed by the precision machining in CNC state-of-the-art machines. The production process is recognized by ABNT and by national and international organizations, thus ensuring a highly reliable product.

The split bearings are ultra-resistant to impacts, abrasions, scratches and pressure of movements and is produced according to the needs of each client. Based on the customer’s design, with the dimensions and the desired profile, tests and laboratory studies are carried out in advance, before the actual manufacturing of the part takes place.

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