Food Industry

The food industry can count on the strength and know-how of Italbronze from the foundry and machining of bronze parts to solutions in their modernization and improvement of machinery. The quality of its processes and technology, together with the characteristic of being a bronze anti-bacterial material ensures the optimal safety and quality to the final products avoiding contamination of the processed food.

Present in all regions of Brazil, the food industry contributed with almost 13% of the formal jobs. Food production follows strict rules with regards to parts and appliances used in food production. These activities have been presenting the greatest increase in a number of establishments, above the average of the total Brazilian economy.

Quality assurance for the food industry

The solutions in bronze components which Italbronze offers the food industry  makes a direct impact on people’s lives since it ensures the safety,  the noncontamination and the increase in the performance of machines and equipment. Italbronze has as its differential to have parts and components subjected to numerous quality processes before they are finalized and delivered to its customers.

Present in the Brazilian market and worldwide, Italbronze provides solutions that eliminate unnecessary expenses and are in accordance with the requirements of the market, with quality assured by ISO 9000 ISO 9001 ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001 and ISO TS16949 accreditation ANAB (USA) and MGMT-RVA (Netherlands).

Performance guaranteed

Italbronze provides bushings, rings, bearings, shells, nuts, crowns, slippers, rulers, and segments, or any other product in a production scale, receiving the most varied requests and conducting preliminary tests to ensure that the equipment works with high quality and durability.

At first, with the customer’s design in hand, Italbronze’s team performs several studies to examine the mechanical and chemical properties, the thermal conditions and dimensions of each new product, thus providing it with the highest degree of security and trust throughout the scales of production.

The next steps are the casting, centrifugation and machining phases which take place at the industrial plant of Italbronze in Guarulhos in Sao Paulo. Through CNCs machines and precision processes, a qualified and capacitated team brings the project to life. Italbronze’s entire production scale is certified by leading organs and organizations, not only in Brazil but around the world, such as the American ANAB and the Dutch Mgmt.

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