Manufacture of special Parts of Bronze

Italbronze stands out for being a dynamic company, flexible and modern, that is ready to meet the most various projects of special parts.

Through its modern foundry and machining processes of bronze alloys, Italbronze develops and manufactures special parts which meet the client needs and are targeted for use in various machines and equipment.

Its special parts of bronze are elaborated in the size, type, material and format that the client needs.  Thus, the team is prepared to listen and understand your needs, conducting tests and laboratory studies to test the efficiency of the product even before it goes to the factory.

Only when its quality is fully guaranteed, the parts receive form in Italbronze’s factory in Guarulhos (São Paulo), where they undergo high-precision machines and production processes highly recognized in Brazil and in the world.

Italbronze is equipped to produce special bronze parts on a scale according to the customer’s demand. Relying on computer numerical control equipment (CNCs) which apply a millimeter precision calculated on each part and ensures homogeneity and stability in performance.

For customized production of quality bronze parts, high resistance and durability, you can count on Italbronze, a company that operates since 1958 and is present in  five continents.

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