Metal Mechanical

The metal-mechanical industry uses the components and bronze alloys supplied by Italbronze in several ways. The quality of the processes and technologies meet the standards of the metal-mechanical industry, which encompasses from the production of goods to the intermediary services, such as machinery, equipment, vehicles and transport materials.

Metal is a hard, rigid element with specific features.  Transforming it demands precise and delicate movements which require heavy duty components in order to avoid any accident or failure. Thus, Italbronze produces bushings, rings, bearings, shells, crowns, nuts, shoes, rulers and any other elements that are used in machinery and equipment, guaranteeing the best performance and maximum reliability.


Among the machines that receive Italbronze products are the processes of welding equipment, casting, and machining, such as molding machines, forges, presses, machine tools, drills and drill bits. Thus, the parts can be used at any stage of the industry and all the way to the final product.

Importance of metal-mechanical industry

The chain of the metal-mechanical industry production, as well as its equipment, must always be in perfect working order so as to guarantee the best final products. Using high-quality components to avoid maintenance stops and make it possible to extend the useful life of the equipment is one of the requirements of this segment.


However, the transformation of metals is a very specific activity, which, if not prepared properly can bring risks. Metals are elements that can contaminate the environmental and human health, hence the importance of operating high-performance machines with state-of-the-art components.

Advantages of Italbronze

Italbronze parts bring the attributes and the confidence that the metal mechanical industry looks for, always counting on an experience of more than 58 years in the market and with a modern industrial infrastructure. CNC machines and precise process ensure high-quality parts. Italbronze’s entire production scale is certified by leading institutions and organizations, not only from Brazil as from around the world, such as the American ANAB and the Dutch Mgmt.

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