Providing solutions for the mining industry helps to ensure the quality, technology and safety in the sensitive extraction processes of substances from deposits and mineral masses. All the requirements demanded by the sector are met to perfection by Italbronze.

Parts produced by Italbronze are present in the equipment produced by the largest and best companies manufacturers of equipment for mining in Brazil and in the world.

Some machines used in mining that receive Italbronze parts: hydro crusher, jaw crusher, mill,  dragline, drill , electric cope shovel, high wall miner, off-highway truck, mining truck, among others.

Importance of mining

Mining is a constant to the entire production chain and is indispensable for the maintenance of the standard of living and the advancement of modern society in which we live. It has become an indispensable activity. The solutions in bronze components provided by Italbronze to the mining industry have a great impact on people’s lives, ensuring the safety and performance of the machines and equipment they use.

Higher performance

Italbronze produces bushings, rings, bearings, shells, nuts, crowns, slippers, rulers and segments of bronze, or any other bronze product that the productive scale needs. It receives the most varied requests and conducts pre-testing to ensure the production of parts with high quality and durability.

With over 58 years in the market offering solutions in casting and machining parts in bronze, the company has a set of solutions for the most varied purposes with exclusive products and processes to meet the needs of each segment.

Present in the Brazilian market and abroad, Italbronze provides solutions that eliminate unnecessary expenses, and are in accordance with the requirements of the market, with quality assured by ISO 9000 ISO 9001 ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001 and ISO TS16949 accreditation ANAB (USA) and MGMT-RVA (Netherlands).

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