Oil and Gas

Currently, the importance of oil extraction has extraordinary levels, being it the base of the economy of many countries in the world. Italbronze provides solutions in casting and machining parts in bronze for the oil and gas sector which covers various activities and industries engaged in oil and gas extraction on the surface or at great depths.

In Brazil, the oil extraction occurs in maritime fields, from shallow to ultra-deep water slides.  As there is a reduction in the surface reserves, more exploration is required on the lower levels of the layers of the earth.

Italbronze bronze parts ensure quality and safety to these processes of drilling, extraction, and transportation. Some of the applications receiving the bronze parts are, Wet Christmas Tree vertical and horizontal (ANM), ‘ Manifold ‘, FPSO, among others.

Importance of the sector

The importance of oil and gas extraction to the development of society as we know it today is related to the growing demand for energy worldwide.

As in any requirement in the safety of oil extraction, all equipment involved in the processes of extraction and refining of fossil fuels must be in perfect working order, minimizing the risks.

The bronze parts are able to meet all of these requirements for equipment in order to minimize wear and possible breakage. However, the use of parts not produced exclusively for its implementation in this sector can bring many serious risks to humans and the environment.

Italbronze bronze parts are made to order and especially for the purpose required by the customer. With a part specially developed for an equipment, its maximum operation is ensured.

Bushings, rings, bearings, shells, nuts, crowns, shoes, rulers and bronze segments, and any other bronze products are provided with quality and deadlines required by this industry. Italbronze is equipped to receive various requests and orders as well as conducting pre-testing to ensure the manufacture of products of high quality and durability.

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