Power Generation

Italbronze develops and produces components and bronze parts for use in the power generation segment. Many are the forms of power generation: hydropower, thermal and wind.  This is one of the most important sectors of the economy and it is responsible for the success and efficiency of the entire society, requiring products that improve their productive routine.  Hence, Italbronze’s solutions are made with a performance so sought after by this segment.

The generation of energy uses turbines, generators, valves and large equipment that when are not employed with quality products can cause serious problems for the security of the entire plant. Thus, Italbronze products are made with bronze alloys that impart the highest quality, strength, longevity, durability, and resistance. Due to this, they are not affected over time and allow the machinery to perform its service without scares, ensuring good support and great operation.

Among the machines and structures of the power generation segment that are benefited by Italbronze, parts are the following:

  • Kaplan Turbine;
  • Francis Turbine;
  • Bulb Turbine;
  • Generator;
  • Hydromechanical (hatch and wagon segment);
  • Butterfly Valve.

Italbronze’s parts are present in the largest and best hydroelectric both in Brazil and in the world: Brazil’s Itaipu, in Belo Monte, Sobradinho, Jirau, Santo Antônio, Teles Pires, Furnas, Santo Antônio do Jari, Paulo Afonso I, II, III and IV, narrow, Mauá, Brampton, among others.

Around the world it can be found in Three Gorges in China, in Panama, Palmucho in Changuinola Chile, Huizhou in China, Xacbal in Guatemala and Paute Mazar in Ecuador.

A sensitive and vulnerable machinery

Hydroelectric power generation equipment are quite vulnerable to accidents. That is because they require very high speeds, elevated weight, sensitive degrees of vibration and pressure as well as suffer corrosive effects over time. Thus, the power plants of any size or type need to invest in parts of well-known sources as to avoid any glitch in its machinery.

Italbronze has as its differential to have its bronze parts and components undergo numerous quality processes before they are finalized and delivered to its customers.

At first, with the customer’s design in hand, Italbronze’s team performs several studies to examine the mechanical and chemical properties, the thermal conditions and dimensions of each new product, thus providing it with the highest degree of security and trust throughout the scales of production.

The next steps are the bronze casting, centrifugation and machining phases which take place at the industrial plant of Italbronze in Guarulhos in Sao Paulo. Through CNCs machines and precision processes, a qualified and capacitated team brings the project to life. Italbronze’s entire production scale is certified by leading organs and organizations, not only in Brazil but around the world, such as the American ANAB and the Dutch Mgmt.

Guaranteed energy and optimized production

Hence, Italbronze offers power generation industries the best production and the lowest degree of risk and maximum efficiency in results, reaching thus the whole economy and sectors of society.

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