Social Responsibility

Italbronze prides itself on its standards of environmental responsibility and as a conscience partner. Using environmental principles and the best practices, the process seeks  to respect the nature, the community and the society in which it operates.

More important than having values is practicing them.

This can be seen in the entire production process of Italbronze. In recent years, the company has implemented non-aggressive technologies to the environment and that do not pollute in any stages of the production cycle, which results in clean products for any industry.

Because of this, Italbronze was certified with the ISO-14001, conferred at organizations that show to have sustainable practices and are ecologically correct.

Since its creation in 1958, Italbronze invests in training, qualification and the preservation of the health of their employees and their families. Through methodologies that emphasize safety and professional opportunities for the professional development of all, Italbronze employees are valued and motivated continuously.

Human Capital is the greatest asset of a corporation. Italbronze does not measure investments when it comes to the physical integrity of its employees. The company recently won OHSAS 18001, a tool that allows a company to achieve and systematically control and improve the performance level of the occupational health and safety.

This policy has brought many positive business results. Thus, the policies and practices of social responsibility represent the consolidation of a process that began since the beginning of the trajectory of Italbronze, and ensuring future growth.


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