Iron and Steel Industry

Italbronze is present in the metallurgical sector providing parts and components of various bronze alloys for the machinery used. The quality of its processes and technology guarantee total adherence to industry standards, responsible for the manufacturing and processing of steels and cast irons. Steel is considered a branch of metallurgy, a set of techniques that allows you to extract, manipulate and generate metals alloys.


The growing global demand for steel has encouraged investment in the steel industry worldwide, which seeks to improve the processes and production techniques, making them sustainable.

The equipment present in steel mills needs to be in perfect working order, ensuring that the entire industrial process succeeds by achieving goals and ensuring security.

Presence in the iron and steel industry

Italbronze products are made to order and especially for specific purposes. They can be found in the equipment of the major steel companies in Brazil, such as Arcelor Mittal, GERDAU, Usiminas Group Aperam, among others.

With a specific part of the equipment and the application of high-quality components, the best application is assured, and the process of lamination steel or other metals occurs without setbacks or production stoppages, extending its useful life.

Some of the applications receiving the bronze parts are laminator, rolls, hot tool, plate shears, winder and torpedo car, among others.


Italbronze is certified by various institutions and national and international organizations, such as the INMETRO, ISO, and the American ANAB. Respect for the environment, exemplary and efficient management processes and ongoing investments in the qualification of its employees results in very high standard bronze products, ideal for an industry as hard as steel.

With over 58 years in the market offering solutions in casting and machining parts in bronze, the company has a set of solutions for the most varied purposes with exclusive products and processes that meet the needs of each sector and is present in the five continents.

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